• KERMOULALE                                                       2020

Exhibited in Februar 2020 at Ankerbrot Fabrik, in Vienna.

Material : linnen Bags sewed together
technic : Acrylic, Oil stick, charcoal, spray cans.

Size : 3.80 m / 2.20 m


Exposé en fevrier 2020 à
Ankerbrot Fabrik à

Materiaux: Goni up-cyclé

Technique: peinture acrylique, stick à l’huile.

Taille : 3.80 m / 2.20 m

SEZI                                                                         2 0 2 0

Exhibited in February 2020 at Ankerbrot Fabrik, in Vienna.

Material : Patchwork of  linnen Bags 

Technic: upcycled transport bags,
Acrilyc painting, reflective fabric, oil stick.

Size: 3.60 m / 3.30 m


Materiaux: Goni up-cyclé en patchwork

Technique: peinture acrylique, textile réfléchissant, stick à l’huile.

Taille : 3.60 m / 3.30 m 

Voulvoul 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.                                                    2 0 1 9

Material : linnen Bags sewed together

technic : Acrylic, Oil stick, charcoal, spray cans.

Size: 70 cm / 2.00 m 


Materiaux: Goni up-cyclé

Technique: peinture acrylique, pastels gras, bombes de peinture.

Taille : 70 cm / 2.00 m

©Johanna Fürlinger ©Florian Botka

VANS WEAR ON CAMPAIGN                                          2022 


Installation made as painting patchwork.

Acrylic, spray cans, nails.

Thank’s to the label Backtofuturesounds and the precious help of Johanna Fürlinger and Florian Botka


Painting in installation for the Band “Tekkiteasy” during Journey to Tarab festival                              Hungary,  2019  

It was the first try of combining mapping and a painting installation. (video shot ©HNI)

Peinture en installation pour le groupe “Tekkiteasy” durant le festival Journey to tarab

il s’agit de mon premier éssai d’installation peinture et mapping.

I’ve Been working with Rhizomatic circus collective.

For the show,  “Standing with fridges and other annimals”

Played in Wuk.

My tasks was:

• Performing

• Costume production 

• Visuals with Resa Lut

Special mention to the models: hdl.hni, florian botka, Gabs, Kathi Hofbauer.

credits : @hdl.hni,

©Johanna Fürlinger


GONI CROP                                                                                                  2022 

Sweing is a part of my work that help me to improve the sculptural potential of a fabric. Stage costume for the musician Sibu Manaï.

La couture fait partie de mon travail et m’aide à développer l’aspec sculptural d’une matière textile. Tenue de scène pour Sibu Manaï.


V I S U A L S / M A P P I N G

AUSTRIA FOR LIFE                                                                                                 2021


Visuals project on the Stefansdom 

Made for the event and TVshow.



ILET ACID                                                 2022

Generative painting, made with a soft pastel drawing.

VANNER                                                 2023

Video installation, combining visuals and traditional object as projection surface called “VAN”

(DLPS)                                                                                        2022

Digital low pressure system.

Digital painting with satelite images of cyclones

Noisefall        2023

Generative Visuals, using noise and feedbackloop.



Zetoil                                                                                      2022

inspired by Tarot cards

Soft pastel drawing on paper 300g

51 cm  x 67 cm

Video : Do Lo la Line

Visuals made with the painting “zétoil”, in collaboration with the producer Bydl  for the sound design ofthe piece.


Generativ painting
Hybrid Piece, compose with The original acrylic painting called “KABAR M”